There are many reasons why you would choose a family dentist, namely, a family. Having someone you can turn to for the dental care of your entire household can make all the difference. If you would like to learn more please reach out to your Mystic, CT, family dentist Dr. James Watts.

The Importance of Convenience

The importance of a family dentist is best qualified by the many ways your everyday life is made more convenient as a result of having one.

One of the main problems you will run into if you have a moderately sized family is the lack of time. When you are scheduling a million things already, dental appointments can further complicate your schedule when every single member of your family has their visits spread all over the calendar, with children's appointments taking up the day for two people. But with proper planning ahead of time you may be able to condense the number of visits into days that are closer together, and could even schedule your whole family for one single visit. A few variables apply but your family dentist will do their best to help you.

Besides scheduling, the other advantage of a family dentist is that your entire family's health records are under one roof, just as their care. So no need to try to make any more phone calls than you have or to have to coordinate between different offices in cases of school codes or even perhaps an emergency.

Because they can treat every member of your family, you have just one place you need to go, and because this is the case you know that your family dentist has the experience treating every age group. From the needs of the very young with braces and fillings, to root canals, and dentures for later in life.

Family Dentist in Mystic, CT

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