Many people living with broken, decaying, or missing teeth may not realize that there are solutions to help fix their smiles. With dental crowns, you could achieve the look you desire and reduce the risk of further problems with your oral health. If you are looking for a family dentist in Mystic, CT, look no further than Dr. James Watts.

Cosmetic Benefits of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns can help improve the appearance of your teeth and provide additional protection against further damage. Crowns are applied by a professional family dentist in Mystic, CT, such as Dr. Watts, and act as a cover for your tooth. Crowns can hide various problems in your mouth, such as discolored, damaged, or weakened teeth. Because crowns are commonly made from materials like porcelain, it can be easier to mimic the appearance of your existing teeth and achieve the look you desire. If you have discoloration on your teeth, dental crowns are a  way to hide these imperfections. Crowns may also be placed on top of dental implants to replace missing teeth with a more permanent, aesthetically pleasing, and functional solution.

Protective Benefits of Dental Crowns

In addition to cosmetic benefits, dental crowns also protect against further damage that can occur when some conditions are left untreated, such as teeth grinding, cavities, and broken or chipped teeth. In addition, because dental crowns are permanently affixed to your teeth, they are made from very durable materials to assist in the chewing and grinding needed for eating without risking additional damage to your mouth. Dental crowns also help to reduce pain or discomfort that may come from living with these untreated conditions.

Consider Dental Crowns To Help Your Smile

If you or a loved one are considering dental crowns to fix your smile, call Dr. Watts, a family dentist in Mystic, CT. Our professional team is available at (860) 536-6446 to answer your questions or set up your appointment today!